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Dried Flower Boutonniere (Button hole)

Dried Flower Boutonniere (Button hole)

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Dried flower boutonnieres fit perfectly in suit jacket pockets.

Our boutonnieres are available in blank form if you're looking to design your own or ask your florist to use fresh flowers. 

Personalised with your chosen details, they make a keepsake from such a special day.  Finished with dried flowers that will last forever.

No worrying about pinning the flowers on the morning, nice and simple, just slip the wooden boutonniere into the front pocket. The flowers are placed perfectly. 

Each is made to order with your specific colours for your wedding day.

Colours: We have an array of colours for every theme. Leave a note with your chosen colours.

Total sizes vary depending on floral lengths used, If you have specific requirements, please do let us know so we can work with this for you.

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