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Vibrant Pink and Green Mix

Vibrant Pink and Green Mix

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This seasons must have mix, Pantone have put this palate together and we've got to admit, we have to agree with them. 

It's definitely giving us secret garden vibes.

Important stuff:

Why doesn't it come mixed? After emptying and mixing our confetti the volume more than doubles (like some kind of weird sorcery) So we are just unable to mix and place the confetti back into our cute little packages without scrunching it up, which does not make for good confetti images.

- Our confetti is sold in 20g reusable bags.

- Simply 20g = 20 handfuls (approximately).

- It's all fluffed up and ready to use.

- Each bag contains 3 different circle sizes.

- Why? Different sizes ensure epic coverage when thrown.

- Colourfast | Biodegradable | Compostable | Fireproof

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